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20 years ago, Becke and Edgecombe have published their landmark paper introducing the Electron Localization Function. This workshop is organized to celebrate ELF's 20th birthday, and to honor the contribution of Bernard Silvi who is retiring.




Practical information

  • Location on June 21 and 22 : FIAP - 30 Rue Cabanis 75014 PARIS (web site, map)
  • Location on June 23 and 24 : MEM - 270 Rue St Jacques 75005 PARIS (web site, map)
  • Talks : not more than 25 minutes including questions
  • Poster session : no
  • Fees and grants: there will be no conference fees and no financial support to participants of any kind is planned.
  • Invitations : have been sent out by email. The receivers of the emails are free, however, to send other people invitations. The participants are welcome to modify the web pages
  • Deadline for inscription : January 31, 2010
  • Financial support: Reseau Francais de Chimie Theorique (web site), Fédération SMART (web site), Laboratoire de Chimie Theorique (web site)
  • Local disorganisers : Esmail Alikhani, Benoît Braïda, Isabelle Fourre, Olivier Parisel, Julien Pilme, Jean-Philip Piquemal, Andreas Savin (email them)