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CECAM Workshop on ab initio Valence Bond and Non-Orthogonal CI approaches

27-30 March 2017, Institut Henri Poincarré (IHP), 11, rue Pierre et Marie Curie Paris 75005, Paris


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Local organizers: Benoît BRAÏDA and Peter REINHARDT

Organizers: Paul W. AYERS, Benoît BRAÏDA, David L COOPER, Peter REINHARDT and Wei WU

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The purpose of this workshop is to bring together leading researchers in the VB and Nonorthogonal-CI communities in order to:

  • share recent advances and new ideas in nonorthogonal orbital-based formalisms, useful approximations to the exact Schrödinger equation, and algorithms or implementations ;
  • to identify and to start to address current challenges and limitations of nonorthogonal and/or VB-related type of approaches.

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