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Introductory days to quantum computing for physics and chemistry

19-20 January 2023, Grenoble
organized by GDR REST and GDR NBODY


  • Location: Université Grenoble Alpes, Bâtiment IMAG, Grenoble, France.


Research on quantum computing is rapidly growing and has the potential to reshape simulations in physics and chemistry. These two days aim at providing a pedagogical introduction to this field for the communities of the GDR REST and NBODY, i.e. theoretical physicists, chemists, and applied mathematicians working on the quantum many-body problem. These days are not targeted to experts in quantum computing but rather to people who want to discover this new field.


We will have four lectures:

  • Bruno Senjean, ICGM, CNRS and Université de Montpellier, Montpellier

Introduction to quantum computing for chemistry, variational quantum eigensolver and quantum phase estimation algorithms (2*1h30)

VIDEO1 VIDEO2 [Slides part 1] [Slides part 2] [Handwritten derivations]

  • Thomas Ayral, ATOS, Paris

Noise in variational algorithms and classical simulation of quantum computing (2*1h30)


  • Saad Yalouz, LCQ, Université de Strasbourg, Strasbourg

Quantum algorithm developments and applications: wave-function theory and density-functional theory (1h30)

VIDEO [Slides] [Lecture notes]

  • Zachary Blunden-Codd (replacing David Herrera-Martı́), CEA, Grenoble.

Introduction to fault-tolerant quantum computing. Limits of quantum phase estimation on fault-tolerant quantum computing (1h30)

VIDEO [Slides]


Thursday 19 January
Friday 20 January
9:00 Start
9:00-10:30 Bruno Senjean I 9:00-10:30 Saad Yalouz
10:30-11:00 Coffee break 10:30-11:00 Coffee break
11:00-12:30 Bruno Senjean II 11:00-12:30 Zachary Blunden-Codd
12:30 Lunch (buffet) 12:30 Lunch (buffet)
14:00-15:30 Thomas Ayral I 14:00 End
15:30-16:00 Coffee break
16:00-17:30 Thomas Ayral II
19:30 Dinner at Caffe Forte (Grenoble hypercentre)

Practical details[modifier]


The maximum number of participants is around 50.

No registration fees will be asked. However, accommodation will not be provided but must be arranged independently by the participants.

To register, please send an email to qc-school@theory.polytechnique.fr and indicate your name and affiliation.


Université Grenoble Alpes, Bâtiment IMAG, Grenoble, France.

In order to reach the location from the train station, take tram B direction GIERES Plaine des Sports and stop at " Bibliothèque Universitaire "

Social Dinner[modifier]

Caffe Forte, 4 Pl. de Lavalette, 38000 Grenoble (tram B, arrêt Notre-Dame - Musée)

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